Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what im saying is what i do ..

hello .. good mornight my reader .
i dont know how to continue my last story about how our love going strat ..= )
i just can say it start with a sweet moment =)
babe .. my lao gong .. i think i want to married you ..
first day .. you stall my love with a fresh white roses ..
i think its plastic .. but when i touch it ..
i can feel a real roses ^^

ur must be the last one inside my heart ..
second you give me forero ocher ^^
third you give me a red roses leave with cokelat inside ^^

dear .. i think i want to married you ^^
thanks.. buy me acup of couple glass with our picture ..

we have been trough in a sweet memory ^^

boy ..
my dear VYI..
among the rest ..
for me ..
your the best ..
your the fucking beautiful boy i ever know ..
thanks ..

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