Monday, January 23, 2012

♥ how my love starting with ♥

its 20 january 2012= )
at night .. i feel so boring ..
and i open my talkbox
after  that i disturb  this boy inside talkbox ..
me :: ''нує''
and he no respond with it = '(
i still dont want to loose down ..
and i put this picture ..
him ::''нєℓℓσ .. 为什么你的照片有 ωαнуυ 和 αℓαη ‘’
me  ::''ιм ѕσяяу..ι ∂σηт υη∂єяѕтαη∂ ¢нιηєѕє ωσя∂''
and we talk talk and talk ..
until i believed him cat can take him become вєѕт ƒяιєη∂ ♥
and i talk2 with him until i shared my sad story to him .. and im crying ..
12 january 2012
tommorow day ..
we promise to meet up at кѕℓ ¢ιту..
that time we havent know each other ..
after that .. we deside to meet in one place ..
that time i just walking around..
and i saw 3 eng dao ^^
i look them and they just look me and pass me.
and i desided go to place that we want to meet up ..
and i saw 3 eng dao at that place @@
ithat time i feel really2 want to pee .. than i left my bag there and straight go toilet ..
after that we just talk3 and i just keep quaite ,,
that time HE very haolian ..
after that .. he just asking me ..
him : already eat ?
me : havent .. ni pei wo tse la ..
him : im sorry ... im busy ..
me :=='
in my heart : WALAO .. THIS BOY SO HAOLIAN .. F***
and he just go away ..
after that ..he send me a msg ..
him :latter you want follow?
me:go where?
me:i can follow meh?
me:then how i find you ?
him:you can go my saloon..
me:are you sure?
   than .. that time i wait him at saloon..after he finish his work .. we go onother friend in others saloon...
and i take this picture = )

♥  ωιℓℓ вє ¢σηтιηυє ηєχт ѕтσяу ♥

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